Je parle français / I speak English / Parlo italiano / Hablo español

Web writer and translator

I think very sincerely that when you love doing something, you do it well. I do what I love, for you.


Write, correct, rewrite, translate (French into English, English into French, Italian into French), transcribe (audio and/or video files).


I particularly love the following topics:

  • Seduction / Eroticism
  • Travel
  • Ecology / Environment
  • Wellness / Health / Nutrition

However, I am open to other proposals.


  • French
  • English
  • French into English
  • English into French
  • French into Italian
  • Italian into French

Do you need articles or translations and want to work with me?

I offer you my quality writing and translation services. French (native) and perfectly bilingual in English, it is with joy that I write, correct, rewrite and translate your texts in a unique way and adapted to your needs.

You wish to transcribe an audio or video file in written format? I take care of it for you, in French, English or Italian, you choose.

Please feel free to get in touch with me directly to know my rates.


If you happen to read French, please visit my blog zetravelerz.com on which you will discover some articles I wrote about my travels. I also share my thoughts on topics that include travel, the Internet and entrepreneurship. Also, you can watch some video interviews of atypical personalities.


During my first solo motorcycle trip in Vietnam (July 2015), I had the idea of writing a motorcycle travel guide to Vietnam that I named NotMad. I had never ridden a motorcycle before this incredible adventure. Since I was asked a lot of questions, I thought I could share my experience and knowledge to guide others wishing to embark on this unique journey off the beaten track.

NotMad is available in a digital format, in French and in English (see links below for more info):

Follow NotMad’s news and updates (in French & in English) on:

Professional experience

To learn more about my professional experiences:

LinkedIn (FRA & ENG)


In addition to my blog zetravelerz.com and because I love writing, I sometimes express myself on other topics on the Medium platform in French and in English.

A few words

As an entrepreneur, I have chosen a lifestyle that I love. I quickly realized that at one point or another there was a certain weariness in my previous jobs. Since it was impossible for me to heckle this monotony, I ended up putting an end to the idea of working in a company on a traditional scheme. By working on my own, I choose my routine and I can break this monotony by changing my living or working environment.

That’s what I like: movement and changes!


I have always been able to adapt quickly to the different environments I have integrated and have often been praised for my positive and quick adaptability and learning abilities. However, I sometimes found myself in situations that did not suit me so I chose the independence.

However, from these former jobs, I keep excellent memories and I have a solid expertise in certain fields (see my professional experiences on LinkedIn).

In other words:

I wanted to make my dream come true rather than help make someone else’s dream come true.

This decision to become an entrepreneur was not made overnight but gradually and naturally. Today, I think I have found the lifestyle that suits me and satisfies me. I understood that I could decide to live my life in my own way rather than in a pattern in which I did not find my happiness.

Writing and translation but not only…

I work mainly as a web writer and translator. That said, like my professional and personal life, I like to wear several hats and remain versatile. I have a certain amount of « web » knowledge that I use for the creation and search engine optimization of websites, for example. I use my passion for writing to write articles through various topics. I also take advantage of foreign languages to broaden my range of translation projects.

In other words, as long as something appeals to me and attracts my attention, it is with joy that I invest myself in it, whether in the short, medium or long term.

The important thing is that I enjoy doing what I do.

Finally, I would add that human relations are extremely important for me and even if my lifestyle tends to build projects and contacts on the internet, I don’t imagine surrounding myself or working with negative or counter-productive people. I am a positive person and I like challenges, but I also want to maintain quality human relationships.

Quality rather than quantity.

Because I have made the choice to be free in my life, my travels and my entourage, I invest my time and my services in the same mindset and with the same goodwill.

If you wish to contact me to discuss, meet or perhaps work together, do not hesitate to use the form provided for this purpose.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Cynthia Castelletti