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Cynthia Castelletti

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Multilingual writer and translator

Nice to meet you, I’m Cynthia Castelletti!
My skills cover a wide range of topics and experiences. I am passionate about languages and writing.
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My Services

These are the main services I offer. Perfectionist and detail-oriented, I value your reputation and goals. As you can see, you will get everything from one source. This will simplify the realization of your projects and ensure a seamless transition from one step to another.


I create and write quality content, whether it is website or blog articles, ebooks, product sheets or any other type of format you may need. I offer unique and optimized content for SEO if requested.


French (native), I am fluent in my mother tongue as well as English and Italian. I translate your content, whether it is written, audio or video. I respect your style and the rules that apply in terms of translation.

Subtitling / Transcription

I create the subtitles and transcriptions of your videos and audio files. If you also need to translate them, I will do it for you, in the languages I master, which are French, English and Italian.

Proofreading / Rewriting

A flawless content is a persuasive content, whatever the purpose and the field. Therefore, I proofread, correct and/or rewrite your content. SEO optimized or simply flawless, I take care of it for you in French, English, Italian.

Quality rather than quantity!


My Portfolio

Here are some examples of my work. Some of my projects are confidential so I can’t share them.

When you love doing something, you do it well!


What they think about me

The following testimonials are simply intended to give you an idea of my skills and the quality of my services. My clients, former colleagues and managers are satisfied with my work and I would like to offer you the same satisfaction.


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